Břetislav Passinger

Psychological Counseling, Brno



777 57 12 13

„I offer support in difficult life situations.“

Counseling Services

The counseling services are provided in following areas:.

  • Relationship issues – family, marriage, partnership, friendship, working relationships…
  • Life orientation issues (Who am I?, What do I want?, How can I get it?)
  • Management of stressful and demanding life situations (divorce, death, illness, job change…)
  • Anxiety, phobias, moodiness, depressions
  • Living with mental illness
  • Living with others with mental illness or demanding health issues
  • Existential topics (death, freedom and responsibility, isolation and loneliness, loss of life purpose…)
  • Self-development

I provide counseling services in English to native and non-native speakers. Besides that I provide psychological counseling services in Czech as well.

Price and payment

Therapy and all other services are paid by client in cash. I do not have contracts with health insurance companies therefore there is no reimbursement possible for the care services provided.

  • Individual counseling (50 min.) in English – 700 CZK / in Czech – 600 CZK
  • Couples counseling (80 min.) in English – 900 CZK / in Czech – 800 CZK
  • Employees selection (testing, data evaluation, report) – individual prices

Individually agreed discounts for students and the unemployed are possible.

In case we have agreed on payment in advance, please use the following account details:.

  • Account number: 115-6839990297/0100
  • (or IBAN: CZ5801000001156839990297)
  • As variable symbol (or in the text for receiver) please use 8888------, where last 6 digits is the end of your mobile number (e.g. for number 777 571 213 use 8888571213)

How to make an appointment

You can contact me

When using email or text please state your full name and possible time(s) when you could attend a session. I will either confirm one of the times suggested or offer you different ones. I will call back or reply usually on the same day, but the latest within 48 hours. I do not pick up a phone during a session, but I will call back on all unanswered calls (thanks for understanding).

Agreed session is mutually binding under following terms:

  • Both of sides can cancel a session with no charges 24 hours before session start.
  • If the session is canceled by client less then 24 hours before the scheduled session there is a cancellation fee of full session price for next session. If the session is canceled by therapist less then 24 hours then next session is provided for free.

Counseling place

Therapeutic services are provided near Brno center at the Kounicova 10 (see on Google Maps).

Please ring the bell labeled „Passinger / Killarová“.

About me

I have graduated from the Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Science in Psychology and gender studies (BA program) and successfully accomplished psychotherapy training at the Institut pro skupinovou terapii / Institute for group therapy - INSTEP, which is a complex psychotherapy training program (5 years, 850 hours) accredited by Czech Society of Psychotherapy.

Besides long-term psychotherapy training I have participated in a number of psychotherapy and counseling courses, workshops and conferences. The central point of my professional interest is Gestalt psychotherapy.

I work independently with regular supervision provided in Gestalt modality.

I have lived and worked in Brno for about fifteen years and together with my wife we are raising our son and daughter. I have enjoyed a diverse range of free time activities in my life but this has obviously changed when we are family of three four. In the field of physical ones I have moved from rock climbing back to less adventurous biking, instinctive fast paced badminton and (still surprised by it) gardening. With my wife we share passion for cooking, enjoy furniture renovation and we are proud of the results. And yes, there is never enough time to read all the books one would like to.

Břetislav Passinger — info@psychologie-poradna.cz — 777 57 12 13